As an output of BLAH5, a special issue of the journal of Genomics & Informatics will be published. It is

For inclusion in the special issue, a submission has to fall into either of following article types:

  • Opinion Articles allow researchers to publish an opinion on the interpretation of facts, value of methods used, weaknesses and strengths of any scientific theory or on any topic relevant to the field of research.

  • Application notes are short communications about novel software, new algorithm implementations, databases, and network services (web servers and interfaces).

  • Mini Reviews focus on clearly defined topics of current interest and recent developments in the field. They offer a fast and easy read to get up to date on exciting new developments and/or concepts.

For each article included in the special volume,

  • the article processing charge will be waived,

  • English proof reading service will be provided, and

  • a sponsor travel support (approximately 250USD) will be awarded.

Author Instructions

A submission should be made through easychair.

For the submission of revised versions, please open your existing submissions and add or update your files.

A manuscript must be formatted either in

    1. MS-Word (preferred), or

    2. PDF

In case you submit your manuscript in MS-Word, please use this file as a template. Then, the publisher will edit it in this shape.

In case you submit your manuscript in PDF, please make it look similar to this format. Then, the publisher will edit the PDF file directly.

Figure files

For the final version, please submit your figures as separate files. The figure file must be either in

    • TIFF, JPEG or PNG, which would be suitable for bitmap images, or

    • SVG, which would be suitable for vector images.

In the case of bitmap images, the resolution should be higher than 300DPI.

Please name your figure files according to the figure numbers, e.g., figure_1.png, figure_2.png, etc., and compress them in a zip file, and submit it, together with your manuscript file.

ORCID and Authors' Contribution

Please do not forget to include your ORCIDs and an Authors' Contribution section.

Following is relevant instructions:

The title page should include (1) the full names of all authors with their Open Researchers and Contributors ID (ORCID), and the name(s) and address(es) of the institution(s) at which the work was carried out; (2) the telephone and fax numbers, and the E-mail address of the corresponding author; and (3) a running title of no more than 50 characters, including spaces. Place an asterisk (*) after the corresponding author.

If the number of authors is equal to or greater than two, the authors’ roles should be described according to their specific role. Genomics & Informatics participates in the CRediT standard for author contributions. The contributions of all authors must be described using the CRediT Taxonomy of author roles. For each of the categories below, please enter the initials of the authors who contributed in that category. If listing more than one author in a category, separate each set of initials with a space. If no one contributed in a category, you may leave that box blank. The corresponding author is responsible for completing this information at submission, and it is expected that all authors will have reviewed, discussed, and agreed to their individual contributions ahead of this time.

Conceptualization: AB

Data curation: EFG

Formal analysis: AB

Funding acquisition: CD

Methodology: AB, CD, EFG

Writing – original draft: AB, EFG

Writing – review & editing: AB, CD, EFG

English proof reading service

The publisher offers an English proof reading service for free for the special issue. If you want to use it, please contact the organizers as soon as possible:

Please refer to the author instruction page of the publisher, for other author instructions.